Alfa Laval Indonesia, PT

9 August 2020

Alfa Laval Indonesia, PT

Product Automation, Fitting, Tubes, Instrumentation, Mixing Equipment, Pump, Tank Cleaning Equipment, Spray, Tank Equipment, Valve, Boiler, Heaters, Burner, Air heat exchangers, Plate heat exchangers, Scraped surface heat exchangers, Tubular heat exchangers, Pump control system, Filters and strainers, Centrifugal separators, Automatic back flushing filters, Membranes, Ballast water treatment, Brewery solutions, Bulk solutions, Exhaust Gas Cleaning, Filling […]

1 August 2020

Ultra Delta Maju, PT

Product Process Control Instrumentation (Flow & Temperature Element, Pressure & DP Transmitter, Liquid, Steam & Gas Flow Meter, Recorders, Controller, Process Gas Analyzer & Chromatograph along with Analyzer Sampling System, Control Valve, Fire & Gas System, Emergency Shutdown System, Custody Transfer Metering System & Prover, PLC & DCS Package) Electrical (LV Inverters up to 150 […]

25 July 2020

Leiter Indonesia, PT

Product Filtration (Macfuge Self Cleaning Centrifuge, Macfuge Manual Cleaning Centrifuge, Skid Oil, Filter Housing, Filter Press Semi Auto/Semi Manual, Cast Silumin Filter Plates, Rubber Membranes, Filter Press Fully Automatic, Filter Cartridge, Filter Bags, Hydraulic Seals, Hydraulic Power Packs, Filter Press Pumps, Visual Clog Indicator Systems, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Power Unit, Manifold Filter Press, Filter Cloth […]

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