Neotech Steel India

22 September 2020

Neotech Steel India

NEOTECH STEEL INDIA Product Manufacturer & Supplier of Pipe Fittings & Flanges in Stainless Steel, Low Alloy Steel & Carbon Steel Brand – Address 104, Mohammadi Mansion, 1st Floor, 36/38, Islampura Cross Lane, Mumbai 400 004, India Phone +91 9619978729, +91 7738704293 Email,, Website

8 July 2020

Paradise Perkasa, PT

Product Pipe, Fitting, Flange, Valve, Plate, OCTG Brand – Address De Paradise Building, Jln.Prancis No.178 Kosambi,Dadap, Tangerang, Banten Phone +62 21 29673939 Email Website

27 May 2020

Indo Husama Mandiri, PT

Product: Pipe, Fitting, Flange, Valve, Building, Steel, Instrument, Electrical, Lubricant, Hose, Tools Address: Jl Hayam Wuruk 127, Lindeteves Trade Centre Blok C/9, Jakarta Phone: (021) 62202138 Email:,, Website: –

21 May 2020

Stainless Steel Primavalve Majubersama, PT

Product: Stainless Steel, Industrial Valves, Flanges and Fittings, Tube, Instrument, Compressor, and customized products using investment casting method Brand: PAL, Toyo, WSG Crest, Zetkama, ADCA, Orbitec, Ayvaz, Neumo, Ingersoll-Rand, Goutsmit Address: Kawasan Industri Dan Pergudangan Cikupa Mas, Jalan Mitra Mas No. 2, RT.11 RW.04, Talagasari, Cikupa, Tangerang, Banten 15710 Phone: 021-59406270 Company Email: Website: […]

16 May 2020

Multiprima Semesta Abadi, PT

Product: Deck and Provision Store (Ship Stores for Deck, Engine, Cabin Store and Chemicals) Engine & Spare Part (Diesel Engine, Air-Compressor, Refrigeration, Aircon, Pump, Turbocharger, Fuel Injection Equipment-Nozzle, Plunger, Delivery Valve, Marine & Ship Equipment) Laboratory (Glass Breaker, Weighing Machine, Gas Generator, Filter Paper, Special Filter device) Technical & Hardware (Industrial Tools, Machinery, Welding Equipment, […]

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