Alfa Laval Indonesia, PT

9 August 2020

Alfa Laval Indonesia, PT

Product Automation, Fitting, Tubes, Instrumentation, Mixing Equipment, Pump, Tank Cleaning Equipment, Spray, Tank Equipment, Valve, Boiler, Heaters, Burner, Air heat exchangers, Plate heat exchangers, Scraped surface heat exchangers, Tubular heat exchangers, Pump control system, Filters and strainers, Centrifugal separators, Automatic back flushing filters, Membranes, Ballast water treatment, Brewery solutions, Bulk solutions, Exhaust Gas Cleaning, Filling […]

9 August 2020

Aecom Indonesia, PT

Product Design, Planning and Economics (Urban Design, Master Planning, Landscape Architecture, Environmental + Ecological Planning, Economic Planning, Strategic Planning) Architecture (Office Complex and Super High-rise, Office Tower, High End Hotel, High End Residential, Shopping Center and Retail, Corporate Campus and R&D Center, Healthcare Facility, Sports Facility, Interior Design) Environment (Impact Assessment and Permitting, Remediation Consulting […]

22 July 2020

Enviromate Technology International, PT

Product Natural Gas Infrastructure Development, Natural Gas Transportation, Renewable Energy, Independent Power Producer Brand – Address Gedung Kirana Office Tower 2, Jl. Boulevard Timur No. 88, Kelapa Gading Timur, Jakarta Utara 14240 Phone +62 21 29679768 Email Website

29 May 2020

Matesu Abadi, PT

Product: Refill Gas Argon, CO2, Actylene, Nitrogen HARRIS WELDING Welding & Cutting Equipment Welding Electrode & Wire Brand Chosun Korea-Golden Bridge CHINA Gas Cutting Machine , CNC Cutter , Automatic Welding Machine, Pneumatic & electric Beveler “HUAWEI” Electrode Dryer & Oven , Welding & Cutting Accessories “HUAWEI” Cylinders Botol Valves Firefighting Equipment Cryogenic Equipment & […]

22 May 2020

Papasari, PT

Product: Pipe, PVC, Plate, Electrical, Roofing, Paint, Oxygen, Acetylene, Nitrogen, Argon, Tyre, Battery (Accu), Medical Equipment Brand: – Address: Pontianak Jl. Sisingamangaraja No: 42-50, Pontianak – Kalimantan Barat 78117, Phone: Hunting (0561) 732917, (0561) 7335322, Fax (0561) 734122/734128, Email:, Jakarta Bizpark 2 Blok A No. 16, Jl. Penggilingan No. 56, Cakung, Jakarta Timur 13940, Telp […]

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