Shandong Buoy and Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.

3 August 2020

Shandong Buoy and Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.

Product UHMWPE Pipe (UHMWPE Dredging Pipe, UHMWPE Mining Pipe, UHMWPE Life Escape Pipe, UHMWPE Food Pipe, UHMWPE Conveyor Pipe, UHMWPE Lined Steel Pipe, UHMWPE Floating Pipe) HDPE Pipe (HDPE Dredging Pipe) Navigation Aids (UHMWPE Buoy, UHMWPE Light Beacon, PE Rotational Molding Buoy, GFRP Navigation Buoy, GFRP Light Beacon, Steel Navigation Buoy, Steel Light Beacon) PE […]

22 July 2020

Binaguna Adi Sejahtera, PT

Product: Marine, Hydraulic Pumping Unit, Engineering & Services Address: Jl.Tebet Barat Dalam No.28, Jakarta Selatan 12810, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia. Telephone: +62 21 83701261 E-mail: Website:

20 May 2020

Arrow Asia Indonesia, PT

Product: Lubricant, Marine Equipment Brand: Fuchs Address: Jakarta Jl. Raya Perjuangan, Ruko Plaza Kebon Jeruk Blok E No. 12A, Jakarta Barat, Phone (Marine): +62 21 53654923, +62 21 53654924, Phone (Fuchs Indonesia): +62 21 53654926, Fax: +62 21 53654925 Surabaya Kompleks Pergudangan Tanrise, Tritan Wedi Blok C-39, Sidoarjo 61254,  Indonesia, Phone: +62 31 8014761, 99005917, Fax: +62 31 8014760 Phone: (031) 8014761 / 99005917 Fax : (031) 8014760 Email:, […]

16 May 2020

Multiprima Semesta Abadi, PT

Product: Deck and Provision Store (Ship Stores for Deck, Engine, Cabin Store and Chemicals) Engine & Spare Part (Diesel Engine, Air-Compressor, Refrigeration, Aircon, Pump, Turbocharger, Fuel Injection Equipment-Nozzle, Plunger, Delivery Valve, Marine & Ship Equipment) Laboratory (Glass Breaker, Weighing Machine, Gas Generator, Filter Paper, Special Filter device) Technical & Hardware (Industrial Tools, Machinery, Welding Equipment, […]

14 May 2020

Supra Awali, PT

Product Coating (Epoxy Ceramic Coating For Industrial & Marine Use, Sea Pipes & Pumps, Internal Drilling Pipes, Storage Tanks For Food, Oil, Fuel, Etc., Classified For Food Grade Safety Standard (Ceram-Kote), Metal Repair Compound For Pipeline, Valve, Pump Shell, Tank Body, Concrete Under Emergency, And Leakage Reparation) Instruments (Temperature, Sensor, Thermocouple, Thermowell, RTD, Controller, Digital […]

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