Loscam Indonesia, PT

23 April 2020

Loscam Indonesia, PT

Product: Pallet (Wooden, Plastic, Cage) Brand: – Address: Kawasan Industri KIMU, Jl Raya Kalimalang Cibitung, Bekasi 17530 Indonesia Phone: (021) 883 72050 Company Email: Via Website Website: www.loscam.com

13 April 2020

Mitra Dunia Palletindo, CV

Product: Pallet Brand: – Address: Ruko Graha Mas Pemuda, Taman Berdikari Sentosa, Jl. Raya Pemuda, BlokAC No. 12, Jakarta Timur Phone: (021) 47869431 (Hunting), 0857-1454-5814 , 0856-9543-1291 Company Email: mdc-logistics@indo.net.id Website: http://mdpalletindo.com/

19 May 2018

Yanasurya Bhaktipersada, PT

Product: Plastic Pallets Address: Surabaya, Indonesia Phone: (031) 7346351/2 Email: sales@forindoprima.com Website: www.forindoprima.com

18 May 2018

Graha Sarana Gresik, PT

Product: Lime, Dolomite, Bentonite, Chemical, Fertilizers, Instrumentation, Automation, Measurement Analyzer, Mechanical Rotating and Non-Rotating, Electrical, LED Lighting (Explosion Proof), Filtration Solution and Consumables, Pipe Fitting, Tube, Valve, Rubber, Mechanical seals and Tools, Welding and Brazing Products, Material Handling, Plastic Pallet, Conveyor Part and System, Industrial Chemical, Polymer, General Trading, Fabrication and Service Maintenance, EPC, Cleaning […]

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