Shijiazhuang Hedun Pump Co.,Ltd.

3 March 2021

Shijiazhuang Hedun Pump Co.,Ltd.

Product Slurry Pump Brand – Address No.150 Donggang Road, Yuhua Destrict, China Phone +86 138 3115 3172 Email, Website

18 January 2021

Mitra Atlas Nusantara, PT

Product Air Compresor, Generator, Water Pump, Light Tower, Handheld Tools Brand Atlas Copco Address Jl Menteng Raya No 72, Jakarta Pusat, Dærah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10340 Phone +62 21 863 8299 Email, Website

2 November 2020

Metslurry Engineering

METSLURRY ENGINEERING Product Mechanical Seal Shaft Sleeve, Valves, Sump Pump Metal Lined, Sump Pump Rubber Lined, Spacer, Shaft Sleeve, O’Rings, Open Impeller, Stuffing Box, Back Liner, Lower Strainer, Lifting Tools, Nuts and Bolts, Frame Plate Liner, Volute Liner, Cover Plate Bolt, Coupling, Bearings, Lantern Restrictors, Expellers, Lantern Ring, Neck Rings, Packing, Glands, Shaft Sleeves, Impellers, […]

13 October 2020

Shijiazhuang Longteng Machinery Co., Ltd

SHIJIAZHUANG LONGTENG MACHINERY CO., LTD Product Pump (Horizontal Slurry Pump, Metal Slurry Pump, Rubber Lined Slurry Pump, Vertical Slurry Pump, Sump Pump, Submersible Pump, Dredging Pump, Gravel Pump, WN Pump, Desulfurization Pump, GSL Pump, DT Pump, Water Pump, Irrigation Pump, Sewage Pump, Pump Parts & OEM) Brand – Address Yudi Industrial Zone, Luancheng District, Shijiazhuang […]

9 August 2020

Alfa Laval Indonesia, PT

Product Automation, Fitting, Tubes, Instrumentation, Mixing Equipment, Pump, Tank Cleaning Equipment, Spray, Tank Equipment, Valve, Boiler, Heaters, Burner, Air heat exchangers, Plate heat exchangers, Scraped surface heat exchangers, Tubular heat exchangers, Pump control system, Filters and strainers, Centrifugal separators, Automatic back flushing filters, Membranes, Ballast water treatment, Brewery solutions, Bulk solutions, Exhaust Gas Cleaning, Filling […]

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